Web Development

We create static, dynamic and ecommerce websites suiting your requirements with integrated Content Management System (CMS).

Mobile, Tablets & Devices

Applications for various devices is the requirement of the age, which can not be ignored in your success.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a good looking site is just a start; for achieving your onine goals, you need it Search Engine friendly as well .

Corporate Identity

Creating your corporate identity is important for your brand positioning. Your job is safe in our hands.

Applications & User Interfaces

Having a user friendly interface is equally important as having a right application. We can address both kinds of jobs.

Print Media

Though we like to save trees, we would also like to save your business too. Print media is essential for the later.

CRM - a step towards growth

Managing your customers properly is the key of success in any business. A tailor made CRM will make it easy for you.

Mass Mailing

When it comes to cost effective online marketing, mass mailing is the winner, provided it's done through proper ways.

Social Media

In 90's you need a Telephone to start a credible bsuiness, nowadays social media accounts will do. How can you miss it?

Web Development

Mobile, Tablets & Devices

Search Engine Optimization

Corporate Identity

We create with passion

Creating with passion
is the way of nature.
We follow it!

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Creating in passion is nature's way, we follow.

We hire the right people

We hire for passion and commitment first, experience second, and credentials third. We see is no shortage of impressive CVs out there, but we are trying to find people who are interested in the same things we are. We don’t want to be simply a stepping stone on an employee’s journey toward his or her own (very different) passion. Asking the right questions is our key: What do you love about your chosen career? What inspires you? What courses in school did you dread? We want to get a sense of what the potential employee believes.

We Communicate

Once we have the right people, we sit down regularly with them and discuss what is going well and what isn’t. It’s critical to take note of our victories, but it’s just as important to analyze our losses too. A fertile culture is one that recognizes when things don’t work and adjusts to rectify the problem. As well, people need to feel safe and trusted, to understand that they can speak freely without fear of repercussion.

The art of communication tends to put the stress on talking, but listening is equally important. Great cultures grow around people who listen, not just to each other or to their clients and stakeholders. It’s also important to listen to what’s happening outside our walls. What is the market saying? What is the zeitgeist? What developments, trends, and calamities are going on?

Tend to the weeds

A culture of passion capital can be compromised by the wrong people. One of the most destructive corporate weeds is the whiner. Whiners aren’t necessarily public with their complaints. They don’t stand up in meetings and articulate everything they think is wrong with the company. Instead, they move through the organization, speaking privately, sowing doubt, strangling passion. Sometimes this is simply the nature of the beast: they whined at their last job and will whine at the next. Sometimes these people simply aren’t a good fit. Our passion isn’t theirs. Constructive criticism is healthy, but relentless complaining is toxic. We identify these people and replace them.

We work hard, play hard

To obtain passion capital requires a work ethic. It’s easy to do what we love. In the global economy we can measure who has a superior work ethic, who is leading in productivity. Not many industries these days thrive on a forty-hour work week. A culture where everyone understands that long hours are sometimes required will work if this sacrifice is recognized and rewarded.

We are ambitious

“Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” These words were uttered by Daniel Burnham, the Chicago architect whose vision recreated the city after the great fire of 1871. The result of his ambition is an extraordinary American city that still has the magic to stir men’s blood. Ambition is sometimes seen as a negative these days, but without it we would stagnate. We have a culture that supports big steps and powerful beliefs. We can see these qualities in cities that have transformed themselves. Cities are the most visible examples of successful and failed cultures. Bilbao and Barcelona did so and became the envy of the world and prime tourist destinations. Pittsburgh reinvented itself when the steel industry withered. But Detroit wasn’t able to do the same when the auto industry took a dive.

We Celebrate differences

When choosing students for a program, most universities consider more than just marks. If you had a dozen straight-A students who were from the same socio-economic background and the same geographical area, you might not get much in the way of interesting debate or interaction. Great cultures are built on a diversity of background, experience, and interests. These differences generate energy, which is critical to our enterprise.

We create the space

Years ago, scientists working in laboratories were often in underground bunkers and rarely saw their colleagues; secrecy was prized. Now innovation is prized. In cutting-edge research and academic buildings, architects try to promote as much interaction as possible. They design spaces where people from different disciplines will come together, whether in workspace or in common leisure space. Their reasoning is simple: it is this interaction that helps breed revolutionary ideas. Creative and engineering chat over coffee. HR and marketing bump into one another in the fitness center. Culture is made in the physical space. We look at our space and ask ourselves, “Does it promote interaction and connectivity?”

We have the long view

If your culture is dependent on this quarter’s earnings or this month’s sales targets, then it is handicapped by short-term thinking. Passion capitalists take the long view. We tend to overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in five years. The culture needs to look ahead, not just in months but in years and even decades.

The writer Arthur Koestler said that a writer’s ambition should be to trade a hundred contemporary readers for ten readers in ten years’ time and for one reader in a hundred years’ time. Lasting influence is better than a burst of fame. We keep an eye on the long view.

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